Gramdominator Review: Increase Instagram Followers by 7x Quickly

You might be using Instagram to promote your business that’s why you landed here. I first started Instagram when I was in college at that time I only use Instagram to just look out other pictures and beautiful women around the world.

Sounds Personal but true…

At that time I never thought growing Instagram profile may benefit me to earn huge bucks that to manage my expenses.

Even you too earn to manage your expenses, isn’t it true?

After some getting into blogging I came to know the power of social media. That look like Like, comment, share, and craps…

But you are a blogger, my friend; you know the main power of social media.

Building followers strength and engagement can lead you $$$$$$. That’s why I am here to show you how can do it with Instagram.

Why I chose Instagram?

Instagram is like a one man army as compared to rivals social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and much more. Maybe you know about this, that Facebook acquired Instagram. So Mark doesn’t give a chance to fail with Instagram.

Instagram Facts

And now the Instagram currently has over 700 million monthly active users. Which alone means a one man army.

Another reason to choosing Instagram because nowadays most people explore Instagram before buying anything. It’s like the double bonus for me traffic + sales.

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Ok! I am not here to tell you about Instagram history, it’s already created and go long. And I know you are expert enough to search it out about history on Google.

Sooooo, before wasting more time on history, as usual, it’s time to create history ;-).

Before we move on, I need to know either you are doing the same thing which I do or doing differently for increasing Instagram followers and engagement.

Match The Skills, Let see who wins?

You already know about #Hashtags and the #popular_hashtags and if don’t know you are losing out your followers and engagement. In this case, if you are not using it I win.

Another thing, follow peoples to get followers. Maybe you do this because whenever a person searches for a trick regarding How to increase Instagram followers, then he only lands on this trick.

Am I correct?

Ok! In this case we both win 😉

But after that, you lose. You are not following correct users. You have to follow users who follow back and remains your followers also users who engage on your images.

To do this, you have to follow only peoples who are in your niche and only follow people who like your competitor pictures and who make comments on that pictures.

“It means you get users who engage on your pics! wow if you get good engagement on your image then it gets viral on Instagram, and after that, you will get tons of free Instagram followers.”

More Followers More Money

If I have 1M followers, then it could be possible to make $10000+ a month easily by promoting other profiles, affiliates, CPA and much more

…but I don’t have :-(.

After 5 months

I came near to the Gin(Google) and asked, please give me one tool for Instagram to succeed with my business.

The Gin accepted my wish and gave me GramDominator. My first look was 🙁 please Gin I am serious. After some research and few hours I purchased it, and after some experiments, I came to, the Gram dominator is best if it’s about Instagram growth hack.

…before I was so confused because I am an extra thinker but at the end, I convince myself to try the software, and now I believe my decision is 100% correct.

Lately, I am not in a mood to share my Instagram secrets with everyone. And I haven’t shared :D!

I need people to find it himself.

Though you are my blog reader, it was my responsibility to share my secrets. Because I believe in helping each other to grow together.

Now I’ll be there, and that could be possible only and only with the support of some best alternative of a mass planner.

So for that, I searched on Google and found my Magic tool; The GramDominator, best Instagram automation tool which I ever saw.

The only things which we want from Instagram are followers, and he is so mean, why don’t they provide followers so quickly. So bad of Instagram.

…Bla Bla Bla daily I saw this type of post sometimes I also used to say it before. Yes before! Now I don’t say this because to crack the goals you need to be smart and tricky.

Yeah, I am smart enough to crack Instagram algorithm but to do so you need to be tricky as I already said.

So without Gramdominator, it won’t be possible for me to being so smart enough with Instagram :(.

Okay now putting the information part aside. I consider you as an intermediate level Instagrammer who aware of Instagram ups and downs.

So here, I guide you how you can put out all your manual work on an automation and save lots of your money, time, and grow your followers when you sleep; even you don’t need the snooze button. Sleep like never before :D.

Note: If you are not aware of Instagram ups and downs, tweaks and tricks then don’t worry will share the detailed guide here. If you really want to learn it quickly and you don’t have to wait then comment down below.

The GramDominator Review: The Success Story

As you all know about MassPlanner, recently closed and we don’t have any other good alternative at that time. After few months GramDominator released the perfect and best alternative to a mass planner.

Mass planner alternative

GramDominator is like a mind added robot for your Instagram growth. The software developed after lots of efforts, time and cost…

…the person who invented the software had test it a lot before launching in the market. And yes the product now has so many active and loving users.

Though the software was very easy to understand. But after a few hours spending on an easy to go tutorials provided by Dominator house, I started quickly without any a headache.

The team explains all the stuff in a tutorial so that you won’t go in the wrong direction. For that, I +1 for the Dominator House team.

Note: Okay before we move on I really want you guys to know, this is the series review and tested by me. So it is not a paid, I had success with the tool so I decided to share it with you. The software is really a $$$$ machine for me.

The most powerful thing of this software is automation. The thing you do manually it does it completely automatic. So increases business revenue and saves time.

To test the software I tried 10 Instagram accounts and 10 proxies. One proxy for one account to make it look like legit to Instagram.

Yes! The Software has proxy assign feature too ?.

The main part of the software is that you can customize your workflow to avoid a ban. Also, you can make a workflow according to your strategy.

First Impression

When I first entered the software, my first impression was, wow!. The software contains all the things which I want to grow my profile.

Yeah! Before I was worried about the UI/Ux of the software because most of the software was difficult to figure out. But in case of GramDominator, it’s opposite. It only takes me around 10-15mins to understand the whole software.

Now I am a pro! 😀

Okay, let me show you the start screen of the software first then we move ahead.

Gram Dominator1

Did you see the amazing part of the software?

Let me confirm:

  • You can add bulk accounts and provide them proxy.
  • Auto Check feature to load Instagram accounts
  • Gain Followers section – where you plan for follow and Unfollow task
  • Instaposter – Comes with Poster, repost, Delete Post. (Poster is good if you have quotes profile), (repost is like a god for me, I don’t need to post manually on Instagram, just assign the account and repost will take the images and post it to my account).
  • Like/Comment- Automatically likes comments and many more task. (It also supports custom id likes features)
  • Insta Scrape – Using this you can scrape users related to your niche. Also, you can scrape images.
  • Insta Chat – mass DM to all, ooh the $$$ feature to drive traffic to my landing pages.
  • Campaigns – This section shows are your running campaigns. Here you can easily manage your task.

GramDominator Interface

  • Super Feature an Activity Log – Suppose you started a campaign and want to know what it’s working on currently. Then this will show you the real time activity of your task.

Now you might be feeling same what I feel. Simple and easy. Right ?

And yeah also I tested this software with 10 accounts. So I must say it doesn’t even a mess for me and working like a charm.

For a complete automation, I set the software on Google RDP, so it runs 24 hrs on complete automation and I am growing while I am napping.

Some More Features Of GramDominator

GramDominator Features

These are some more extra features of GramDominator.

GramDominator Features1

You know what, after seeing the features I don’t even take a single minute to go with GramDominator. And yeah I grabbed it and started working out.

They are providing almost all not almost, 100% all features which we want. What do you say?

You may express your feelings in a comment.

I am sure you are making mood to go with GramDominator, but before you go, you must follow the Instagram limitations to keep your account safe.

Limits Should Be Followed

Followers Limit: Usually Instagram allowed to follow 1000 people a day. But if you are a newbie then don’t behave like a robot. Keep account safe. If it is mine case, then I’d only follow 50-100 peoples/2 hours. But I don’t cross the limit 1000.

You set the follow limit max to 300/day. Increase the limit as you grow older and bigger.

Pro Tip: Behave like a human, if Instagram also detects you then maybe it will ban you. So to overcome this, we have to use our brain. Let’s says If I run a campaign to follow people then I would go like follow 50, then 63, then 72, etc. Never relies on the same figure.

Instagram Follow Limit

Unfollow Limit: Okay! The unfollow limit is the same 1000. So don’t over do. Set it according to your profile age limit. Usually, in my case, I won’t unfollow the users till 10 days. And I only unfollow if users don’t follow me back.

Instagram Unfollow Limit

Likes Limit: I keep it minimum approx 250 to 300 likes a day. If I run a, follow campaign together then 250/day follow and 250/likes. For likes, I only set likes to followed users, or you can keep it random.

Also, remember the interval between each like. Do one thing set it as 28-35 seconds each like.

Instagram Likes Limit

Comments and Mention Limit: Okay this is the most crucial part where peoples fail and get banned. To keep safe and simple don’t over comment 10-14 in an hour. Also if you are a newbie then set a delay interval to 350-400 seconds.

Instagram Commenting Limit

Along with comments per job set 3-5 mentions. To keep like real.

Instagram Mention Limit

Publishing Limit: If you spam your Instagram profile then you may ban your account. I saw mostly peoples only post 3-4 images a day. So I had done the same setting for my profile.

But if you have aged account you can go with a 10-14 post a day according to your old posting frequency.

In starting, I don’t know the limit, so I lost my accounts. But later I started again to know the limit. And the following limit works for me.

With Aged Account:

Publishing limit1

With New Account:

Publishing limit2

Scrapping Limit: There is no need to add restrictions in this task, you can go as many as you want. But I recommended you to go with a delay of 40-60 seconds.

Scrape Data From instagram

Insta Chat Limit: Well guys you are lucky! Lately, the software has this drawback. They don’t have DM feature. But recently in the updated version, they added this feature.

Now I am also lucky.

For Insta Chat limit I keep it default. I don’t know the exact amount. If you know, then please share it in a comment. It’d really add value to this blog.

InstaChat Limit

Okay, so these are some of the things which I tried and working with for my Instagram profiles.

Pro Tip: Switch your Instagram profile to Business profile. By doing this, you can track your performance and know you are doing it right or wrong.

Note: The software works on Instagram APIs. The limit is set by Instagram if any changes occur in Instagram then the software set the limit. If you go above the limit, it shows you a warning or error message.

Limitation of The Software

The software pauses for 2-3 minutes in between switching the task. So it looks like the task is stopped and not working.

The scrapping only scrapes the users who commented, but I need what they commented to make the commenting automated generically.

Till now I face the following issues. But this is not a serious problem, and I feel it can be easily fixed. Maybe they will fix in the next update.

Support is Everything

What if you don’t get proper solution for your problems? Did you get irritated? Right? But in GramDominator case you get a satisfactory solution and in short span of time.

I know we are Internet Marketers we need answers quick and wasn’t too professional. Means we need simple and quick answers. Right?

Before I purchased, I asked many questions related to software and pricing. And you don’t believe I am getting responses under 15-20 mins on weekdays. And in weekends it takes a little time about 1-2 hours, but it’s also quicker than other support teams. Hats Off to Dominator House team for their quick responsive team.

They provide a solution on live chat, skype, email or via the contact form. This many options makes me happier and I now completely believe the team.

I’m confident about their support team. If you want you can check it out before purchasing the software. Try to contact them and see the response time.

ROI is double, Na its triple

Yes, we hate pricing but if we get 3x profit than we love it. As the developer and support need to live they have to get paid. To keep the software alive everyone has to set a minimal pricing.

But no problem if we get more out of our ROI. However, it’s cheaper than other Instagram services. So again +1 for the GramDominator.

But also we have concerns sometimes. To solve your concerns, they provide you 2 options. Have a look below.

GramDominator Pricing

I told you it’s cheaper than other Instagram services.

Okay! My first expression about pricing was ?. But then I started comparing with other services. Then after I don’t believe, so I thought let’s try it out first with a monthly plan.

And then after a month…

WoW ?! It is amazing, now what? Nothing I purchased the yearly plan and growing my profile day by day while napping.

I must say it now the GramDominator services and support are really efficient and reliable for me. And also believe it provides more in future what we don’t expect.

I’d truly recommend you to go with GramDominator if you are serious Instagrammer.


Note: Well, I am not getting any affiliate commission nor any money by sharing the software details. Also, I have shared you the non-affiliate link.

PS: If you have already subscribed to GramDominator then do share your experience with us below.

PPS ?: A few days back I head over to one 100k in 30 days Instagram challenge. And they have recorded daily stats. One good he is using the same software. To know more about the tutorial and to grow 100k in 30 days watch out the first comment below.

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Beginner’s Guide To SEO: How To Do SEO in 2018 And Earn $500+ in a Month

This is the first article about Beginner’s Guide To SEO only on Blog Knocks. This article is the In-Depth, complete proven strategy to do SEO for beginners, as well as a pro, can get some help.

… Before I start would like to tell some few things about my journey to SEO.

I always tried to learn something new from small bloggers and pro bloggers. Beginner’s blogger teaches us something new, and pro blogger reminds me something new happening in the market.

I have an eager to learn it when I first saw the word SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and tried new things, but I was failed multiple times.

Failed! Yes, because I always give-up at an early stage. But this was my big mistake, and I overcome it…

But as a beginner I couldn’t find things easily, I have to explore things multiple times to learn correct things. Then after followed some blogs and Google updates I learned new things.

Every day I learned new SEO Guide on the internet from blogs like Neil Patel, ShoutMeLoud, etc. and learned some new things and I always try to add my knowledge to give a try to grow in Internet marketing.

From that day I thought, after the full knowledge of SEO at the beginners level, I will write a Complete SEO Guide to rank on Google.

So that it must help my fellow friends who not getting the correct process to do SEO in 2018…

Buddies ! In case you are at a beginner level, one with dedicated to learning SEO, then must follow this How To SEO guide

After studying these SEO basics, you should have a clear sense of all crucial issues, and you can move on your career, in your web optimization journey…

Simply sit relax and calm down as all your confusions are going to fade.

And I’m confident, you’re gonna adore it.

Before we start on our topic How to do SEO in 2018, I would tell you, keep track yourself to make success in this path and follow new things.

And one more thing just keeps reading this article and understand the things without getting questions in your mind like Why, How, What, etc. You will get know it yourself after reading this full SEO Guide on How to SEO.

“Hope you are now motivated and ready to learn Expert Beginner’s Guide To SEO.”


Let’s Begin the Journey: How To SEO

As already described, the aim of this SEO Tips is to present an ideal understanding of Search Engine Optimization to the newbies…

So, I did a bit analysis and dig out some essential questions which have to be answered before.

Let’s begin with the primary and an important query.


What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

First thought of every Beginner’s think and search before start doing SEO. So this is necessary to understand What is SEO? And How to Do SEO?.

So, before, any questions arise I will solve your confusions.

Search engine marketing or SEO is a mixture of methods used to increase a website’s visibility and rating in search engines like Google, Bing, etc…

You possibly can say, it’s a process by which the site owners inform the major search engines concerning the high quality of their website.

By doing this a site, a webmaster (Site owner)  drive extra natural (non-paid) visitors by improved rating in the search engine.

SEO is the main part of any website to rank on Google for your following keywords.

It primarily relies on the content of your website, website speed, design and backlinks to a website.

We simply must develop this in a manner, so that a search engine can rank our website higher.

However, keep in mind! Whereas doing search engine marketing to make our website search friendly, we should always by no means ever overlook the concerns of our viewers.

We’re positively doing it for the effective user experience so that users can search your website according to their keyword and need.

Knock! Knock! Hope you are not sleepy, but this is necessary part to understand SEO basics and to understand SEO methods properly.

“To become a pro, First we have to go through basics, it is necessary to win the game.”

Okay! That was simply information, and I hope your idea about SEO is a little bit clear now.

Before we move on to the next part, you should know How Google search engine works and how their spider crawls websites. To understand the exact algorithm, I am sharing you the full Google crawler working infographics. Must watch the below infographics.

How Google Algorithm Works


See The Matt Cutts Video On How Search Works

I am sharing this video because to get more clear about Google search, it is necessary to learn the working of Google to process in SEO industry.

Now I guess you must have clear with the Google working algorithm and now, now what?

Another question arises in your mind? Ok put your questions list and comment below or follow the complete guide and your doubts will get cleared.


What If I Don’t Do SEO?

Here you might be thinking Ohh fu*k! Why do all these kinds of stuff to stand first in google search?

But I must tell you it’s an interesting thing than blogging and content writing. And here is a fact – “No SEO means No traffic.”

Let me give you an example: We are standing in thousands of group, and you don’t have any quality, would anyone would remember you or notice you? No! Right.

The same way SEO stands for, the more your Website and Content quality the more you notice.

And if you apply SEO Strategies then, whenever your website is live and have some contents in it, search engines like google will crawl it to search out a new website, and it may find your website interesting and find relevant then it will index and rank your website.

Google search engine bot finds the information about your website first and tries to analyze what is it about?.

Now if a person searches for a topic or a keyword associated with your website, then search engines will fetch the details and quickly presents the results it in its outcome pages.

Search engines like google and yahoo algorithms are good enough to fetch the data, and it may regularly enhance their expertise to crawl a website extra effectively. However, nonetheless, they’ve limitations of their operation.

That is exactly where search engine optimization comes out.

Search engine optimization helps the major search engines to know about website’s relevance and other factors related to the Website so that they will fetch and index themselves.

[mks_highlight color=”#fff09c”]

Knock! Knock! If you apply correct strategies and do SEO properly, then you will get millions of visitors or traffic in an organic way, without even paying a single penny on marketing…


While following wrong strategies, will put you down and maybe your site will get disappeared and you will get a little traffic, and those are from your related ones.

That’s why the most people search How To Do SEO first and then follow correct guide. But we are here with complete Beginner’s Guide To SEO.

Search engine optimization does not solely serve the aim to make your site’s content available to search engines like google and yahoo but also, improves your website’s rating and ranking by putting it in greater within the search outcomes. Therefore, the result will be more organic traffic and visitors to your website.

One more thing may come in your mind that, Everyone should follow the same SEO strategies?

…Yes, everyone will follow the same but their contents are different, and topics are different. If you find the similar content, then you have to put some extra effort to make your content rich and of high quality.

Knock! Knock! Hope you are not sleepy and still alive. Friends we have to learn more things to earn extra bucks, to open your own company, to make our Brand name and to live on the Internet.

You just have to give your time and efforts, and then you can be the next star in your niche.

Still being lazy, it’s not good for your growth. Come on wake-up we are moving to our next question How To Do SEO in 2018.


Well, I Can Generate Traffic From Social Media Too, then Why Did I Need SEO?

Yes, some of my fellow friends have this question mind, and it is correct as well…

Social signals play a major role, but only dependent on social media is bad practice. Because search engine has various ranking factors, so only depend on social signals is really gonna bad for growth.

Shrushti got ranked for various keywords using only social media. See how social signals impact search engine ranking.

Ranking With Social Signals

Also, the search engine is the biggest source of organic traffic. Even big brands do this to win the game. The main reason behind this is, search engine provide us highly targeted organic traffic according to user need and bounce rate friendly.

Search engines like Google have powerful algorithms which can target the keyword of users and provide the result according to user need and SEO optimized website.

Knock! Knock! “Everyone’s like to be in touch with trusted people and will follow trustworthy people. So SEO is like gaining trust.”

Now you might be getting confused with; What does Keyword mean?

Ans: Keywords are the words searched by users on the basis of their queries so that they will get desired output from the search result.

Even some of my friends use Google and Bing to open Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They don’t open this social platforms directly.

Now I am considering you know why SEO is important, and Why you do SEO?

Some major Search Engines where I did SEO:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Etc.

Are must have followed to get extra visitors and ranking. This will help you to be a Brand.

If you have implemented correct SEO Strategies for your website, it means, more targeted traffic and more exposure and extra revenue. If you want to ignore this, then the search engine will ignore your website as well and will not trust your website anymore.

Knock! Knock! Must Follow Tip –  “Don’t be spammy, Be Unique and Build Quality”


Will I follow and do SEO? Will I have to follow this lengthy process?

I know this might be a long process and bit complicated as a Beginner’s. But once you are aware of our Beginner’s Guide To SEO; then you love to do this, even I love to do this, and that’s why I had written the complete guide to do SEO for Beginner’s.

If I can, then you can also do this.

I want you to follow this guide and make your career in this field successfully. Even if, you fail in starting don’t give up. SEO might take some time to build trust.

Knock! Knock! – “Trust never build automatically, You have to build it and it takes time” (Follow same, if you wanna make loyal girlfriend or boyfriend :p :D) Now you understand more quickly :p

Our SEO Basics Guide is easy to understand and implement. And this will make your path to SEO. This SEO guide will boom your career with full of fun, joy, revenue, traffic.

If you are getting something for free then why you want to spend it for the same. And why don’t you learn it? If you learn and implement these basics, then I must say that; in future, you won’t get any problems to build your brand.

And if you seriously don’t want to learn it then you can contact us for the same. We have some experts to build your brands and build awareness of your Brand.

But if you have some information about SEO, then it might help you more to understand the workflow.

Knock! Knock! “Knowledge makes you leader and leader makes the Brand”.

Now hope you are a bit clear about the things and eager to learn some interesting and practical understanding to-do implementation guide.

OK! Then we are going to start or the main guide on How To SEO in 2018.


Things On Which SEO is Completely Depends:

  • Keyword Research
  • Quality Content
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Link Building
  • Social Signals

These are the overview topics to cover. I will provide you detailed guide in this article on How to seo in 2018.

I will be happy to share you detailed SEO checklist infographics, through which you can easily understand things by your own.

Infographics are the graphical representation of something to understand things easily and fastly.

Knock! Knock! If we See things, it got captured quickly as compared to listen and read.


The Ultimate SEO Checklist

This impressive SEO checklist is provided by top famous internet marketing blog Leapfroggr. Hope you know about it, if not you will know it soon.

Now we move on to our next process under our Beginner’s Guide To SEO.

All In One SEO Checklist


Keyword Research

The main and the best things to rule over the Search engines like google. Most beginners forget to understand this, and this will cause failure.

I had searched many articles related to Beginner’s Guide To SEO, and almost everyone is skipping this part and won’t telling you about it. Pro is selling this guide, or they are calling it trick but it is not a trick is just a part of SEO to rank higher on search engines.

In my opinion, you must learn to do keyword research properly, while I am providing you the guide for free and easy to understand.

So I made a decision to present you a solid introduction to “What Is Key phrase Analysis?” and “Why it is Important?”.

Above on this SEO Guide, we discussed some points, about user’s search queries. Search queries of a user are referred to as keywords.

It’s essential to concentrate on the keywords associated with your matter or area of interest if you wish to achieve success in search engine optimization.

All keywords have different meaning and related topics over the search engine. You must have to select proper topic and keyword according to your article or content.

I am just covering up SEO basics so that you must understand it properly and then move on to the next level with more eager.

Keyword Analysis is all about discovering a user search quories to make use of search engines like google and yahoo. What precisely the user is trying to find your subject, depends on your keywords.

Each keyword has their own values and users retentions. Popular and high targeted keywords are difficult to rank, but if you rank it, you win the game.

Example: Make money online

This is the most search keyword over the search engine, and these keywords are of high cost and of difficulty level.

Choosing the proper and correct keyword is like we are choosing the subjects in 10th, whether we want PCM or Bio or Commerce, etc.

This might be your correct decision so that you can rank on search engines…

Keyword analysis provides you a chance to know your focused viewers in a greater manner. It would enhance your website’s quality of being closely connected or appropriate to user needs, and that would be a good thing for search engine optimization and SERPs (search engine results page).

You should do the correct analysis before starting an article or a website to search out important key phrases associated with your article or website.

Even if you have already developed a web site and content material on it, you’ll optimize it by utilizing appropriate keywords.

It is entirely beneficial to you for your website future growth or building trust.

See what Brian Dean Reveal about Keyword Research

At the time of starting my career in Blogging and SEO, I followed some of the blogs which are now my favourite blogs. I am sharing the links, so that if you want to know more about keyword research technique, then you must go and read their ultimate articles on keyword research.

»» Backlinko: Keyword Research for SEO: The Definitive Guide (2018 Update)

»» Keywordly Technique: The Keyword Research For SEO (Updated 2018)

»» SEO Nick: How To Do Keyword Research For SEO.

»» Moz: How To Do Proper Keyword Research – The Beginners Guide to SEO

»» Yoast: Keyword research: the ultimate guide

These are the most loved blogs which I follow in my daily life to improve my knowledge on keyword research.  I implement my own knowledge with their knowledge to make master knowledge.

Hope it might help you a lot, to be a pro blogger and SEO master.

We will soon share the detailed guide on Keyword Research, if you like our way of guiding then must follow us daily for the detailed guide on keyword research or subscribe our email newsletter.

So now will move on to our next topic.


Quality and Rich Content

No doubt content makes, or quality makes trust and builds links to your site. If you have rich contents on your website, then no one’s here to stop you from rank.

Google or other search engine need Quality contents and Unique Ideas to present it.

Quality contents is also a part of On-Page SEO. Both relate.

Knock! Knock! Content are the King and no one can beat Powerful king.

Are you aware that Google is the most famous search engine! I imply certain you do, and nobody even must ask that…

Google’s first priority is to supply its users with the high quality content material, and with the greatest related data accessible on the net.

Google additionally loves the precise size of the content material. So, attempt to write lengthy and informative and descriptive articles.

Content can be anything whether it will be text, video, images, Infographics, Coding, Numbers, etc., The only needs are quality over quantity.

Ok! Let me show you how much the content is valuable in Google eye and also in users eye.

General Ranking Factors Of Google


The new study by SEMrush shared the 12 important Google Ranking factors in 2018. See below what SEMrush analyzed.

SEMRush Google Ranking Factor

Don’t get confused, the above stats by SEMrush is figured by quality content. First, the content comes than the ranking.

Make a proper arrangement of your content. Try to provide proper guidance to your visitors, so that they will force sharing your articles.

I know it been tough for you to create it but if you love writing you can do it easily.

I have some of my friends who write quality articles for blogs, if you and your friends need any service I will try to provide you and no doubt it will have some quality.

Now coming to our next topic which is not only important but also necessary to get your site indexed quickly.

On-Page SEO Guide For Extreme Growth

On-Page the word shows its meaning. Ok! I will also write here the detailed guide, On-Page means you have to optimize your inner contents and area of your website.

On-Page optimization refers to optimize site overall design, links, contents and material.

On-page search engine marketing optimizes content material for a goal key phrase inside a single website. This contains utilizing correct headings, correct key phrase placement, guaranteeing content material high quality, and taking note of many elements.

Jot Down the Following Thing To Optimize Contents for On-page SEO

SEO-Friendly URLs

  • Only 3-5 words of URL, which will be short and sweet.
  • Use your keyword in your URL.

Keyword Friendly Title

  • Make your post title catchy, it will be shown on the google search.
  • Add modifiers to your title, i.e., 2018, unbelievable, best, top 10, etc

Proper use of heading tags

  • Every article published on the net have their proper heading tags denoted by h1, h2, h3, h4, etc.

Add Images and videos to the Post

  • Adding images with keywords attributes will give your extra benefits. It will be searched by users through google image search.
  • Use at least 1 image also try to, add videos in your article.

Interlinks your post

  • Add your website links to your article with appropriate keywords and tags. It will flow some link juice to your own site.

Add Outbound Links

  • Adding external links with no-follow and do-follow tags make your content rich and give you link juice.
  • Adding external links doesn’t mean you add links to a spam site, try to increase the value by adding external links. Link only authoritative sites which provide quality.

Try to follow these things in your article to make rich content. Also, article length matters, if you post descriptive contents then Google will trust you more.

Website Design and Layout

The first thing to do for optimizing On-Page SEO is to make the content better, and then the next thing we have to check is our website design and layout. It matters a most to Google algorithms.

If we design a website layout not understandable by your visitors then what happens, Will user like your site? Will google like your site? Will users revisit it?.

The answer will be no!

This factor tremendously disturbs and distracts the person…

Are you able to simply think about visiting a website with a nasty format?

So, Why anybody else will visit your site?

I’ve personally seen some websites which have layouts like a boring old design or a confusing like a maze. So, don’t ever do this severe hurt to your search engine optimization.

Then, why you are not making it user-friendly!

Your website design must be error free. And of proper syntax, Hire some design expert to make your website user-friendly and error free.

Knock! Knock! What we see is what we love, Must have great design which will be loved by your users.

Make your website design attractive and eye catchy, so that everyone would love to visit your site again and again even if he/she found the same article on a different website, they will visit your site because of your site looks and layout.

The next important factor that matters to On-Page SEO.

Optimize Website Loading Speed

Google has said on the record that page loading speed is a search engine optimization rating sign. The more your site is error free, the more is your site speed increases.

website speed optimization

You can utilize a CDN to increase your website loading speed, compressing photographs, and switching to the faster hosting provider.

In my opinion, your website should not take more than 4 seconds to load.

I have read somewhere that, 75% of customers wouldn’t re-visit a website that took longer than 4-5 seconds to load.

You can measure your site loading time on

If you have heard about Dwell time? , Dwell time is the duration which in noted by how long a visitor stays on your site. Which is also called as bounce rate.


As low the bounce rate, your website will rank more good in the Search result.

Now you must be thinking, why slow speed is related to bounce rate?

See, if users search something on a google search or any other search engine and open your site through that and your website is not loading in it specific time! Then Will you stay more for that?

No! Yes, you will not stay more and move to another search result. Even I do the same.

And then Google track the result and move your site to a lower ranking. So you must try to increase and track your site error and optimize it for better website speed and ranking.

Knock! Knock! The more you good at something, the more you followed by someone.

If we miss any point, or you need more about On-Page SEO then checkout the below On-Page SEO Checklist.

On Page SEO Complete Checklist 2017

On Page SEO Checklist – Backlinko

This is our end of On-Page SEO guide, will update this guide regularly as new algorithms come out. Keep reading this guide to be updated with new SEO trends.

Now we move to our another main topic and a part of this SEO Guide on How To Do SEO in 2018.

Guide To Off-Page SEO

Now you have done on-page SEO for your website, not the next step is to remind your visitors that there is something cool about your website and blog.

Now if you want people to notice your site, you have to make your website optimized for Off-Page SEO.

Off-Page SEO is as simple as building links. No, building links are not simple if we talk about quality links.

If we build quality links to our website, Google flows more trust to your site. More trust means more ranking in search engine.

Search engines like Google need quality links which are pointing to your site, so build quality, not the quantity.

Here, every other site owner does this for their site, but you have to fetch some quality websites where you can build your links.

We have to get our website referred from different well-known sources on the internet about our area of interest. In technical phrases, it’s known as hyperlink or backlink building.

See! If some great website ping Google with quality contents along with high-quality backlinks, then Will Google index their site first and rank it.

So link building is the strategy to build trust towards your website.

And if you want some super powers which will build quality links to your website, then you have to build your superpowers from your own as Iron-man did it.

I mean to say build quality articles which got shared automatically to 100s of other quality sites and blog. It will not only build links but also improve social shares and trust in the eye of Search engines.

Another question in your mind pops out. How to build links? How the quality is defined? And much more? Yes?

If yes! Then I am sharing this guide too.

From where you should build links, the answer to this question is:

  • You can share your quality contents to your social profiles, Facebook groups, and pages, other Google+ communities, etc. (If your content present quality, then it will be auto shared by other users).
  • Do some guest blogging (Guest blogging means writing an unique and quality article for different blog related to our site topic and in that article adding your site link).
  • Gives answers on, forums, yahoo answers, etc. Add your website link in signature.
  • Create awesome photos and videos and submit it to video and photo sharing site. Add your links in the description.
  • Use classified ads listing to build links.
  • Use directory site to add your website links under the proper category.

Now you might be getting another question, how quality is defined. So to know what is the quality of your links is, then you must install Mozbar to your Google chrome extension.

Moz shows you the proper domain authority and page authority your site links to, and will give you a proper idea about the website on which you are linking your site.

Now next thing might be difficult to catch. But I will try to clear your doubts.

How to Find Sites To Build Links?

The best way to find and get links to your website will be done manually. You can comment on other blogs and use your website links link comments.

  1. Many WordPress blogs have the option to put your website name along with your site URL. Use this awesome feature.
  2. You can get links from wiki sites by adding your article on it and publishing them.
  3. Use social bookmarking sites to submit your published articles, so it will increase your article visibility and add some exposure to it.
  4. Share your published articles on the blogging community.
  5. Use Google+ communities to get your content viral.
  6. Use profile backlinks. Profile backlinks are the links we used to add while we create an account on some sites and the site ask us to enter our website URL.

Is that enough?

No! It is just a basic SEO guide which can help you to start your blogging career and to understand the knowledge about SEO.

See what Brian Dean Says about Link Building

But in upcoming days I will share you some master guide on Off-page SEO and On-Page SEO.

My purpose is just to make you aware of things about SEO and importance of SEO for our website.

Ok! If you want to learn more on Off-Page SEO in detail, then you can follow below blogs and earn some handsome knowledge about Off-Page SEO.

» QuickSprout: The Advanced Guide to Link Building

» Moz: The Beginner’s Guide to Build Links

» Ahrefs: Ultimate Guide To Link Building

Now we move on to our next and lovely topic of how to guide on SEO. I hope this would be more easy for you to understand also it will be easy to implement.

Social Sharing is The Master Key To Build Authority

In my view whenever a site got published, then the site owner first share it on social sites, so that they can reach to maximum people.

…Yes, it’s true. Social influence can help us a lot to increase our engagement and views. And it is the best, easy and excellent way to reach out maximum people.

This will boost your site traffic instantly, and if your site has some power, then it can give you some leads as well.

Knock! Knock! We don’t make site powerful, our users make it powerful.

So try to build a website for your user not for you, if you seriously want to earn Branding and bucks.

So what’s your view on social sharing? Is it easy? I hope it is easy for you.

Now let’s take an example, you have shared some quality post on your blog or website.

Now What??

Nothing ?; now you just have to take the post link and have to share it on multiple Facebook groups, Pages, communities.

Post on multiple social sites like Google+, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, etc.

Now here I am done with the guide! No not at all, we won’t end up here. We have more let to bring you.

But to understand and to start as a Beginner’s, my SEO guide ends here.

Hello! Wait! You know where you want to start from?


Or Yes!

Or Confused!

Okay! Then see the next topic.

Where would I Start My Blog From?

Sooooooooooo, you don’t have to think extra enough, think until you won’t get confused; no.

Just think, under which topic you are perfect and can work for a long time. If you find the correct path, then no one can beat you. But don’t choose the wrong path. Ok! Let me help you.

Like I am good in Blogging, I choose to write my case studies and articles so that user can learn blogging and SEO. I choose my path to blogging direction because I am better in it.

As same as you have to do for your way.

Now what you have to do:

  1. Choose the niche or topic on which you can work for a long time.
  2. Do keyword research to choose a domain name.
  3. Setup WordPress/blogger blog.
  4. Build awesome contents, that no one can beat you.
  5. Optimize your content for ON-Page SEO.
  6. Start sharing your site and articles on social media and social bookmarking sites.
  7. Build high-quality links pointing to your site.
  8. Analyze and improve site speed.
  9. Make sure you must share articles on a regular interval.
  10. Now continue the cycle from 4th point to 10th point in your daily life to earn handsome amount to money and fame.

Knock! Knock! Help peoples, so that people will help you.

As soon as we get new updates from Google and another search engine, we will share here. So be updated with us.

Along with following our guide keep practising and keep learning new things.

If you build some nice ideas do share with us. Also, we will share you.

Finalizing Things: Beginner’s Guide To SEO…

Keeping patience is the key to success, Search engine takes a time to build trust for your site. These parameters are literally helpful and do change your ranking improve in engagement, exposure and $$$.

Hope this How to do SEO in 2018 Guide make you learn about SEO, and it’s magic.

Make sure you must share this Beginner’s Guide To SEO: How To Do SEO in 2018 To Earn $100+ in a Month to your buddies if you like it.

Will soon share some of the best SEO detailed checklist, so that you can grow better and quickly and practically.

In case you have some questions in your mind or might be confused somewhere, then do comment below or reach us personally. We would be happy to share our ideas and make you learn far better.

Thanks for your interest! If I have missed something in this massive Beginner’s Guide To SEO, please pardon me. Please comment the additions if you feel some more thing should be added. We would be happy to add here.

Also want to know, what if I share you the secrets to get massive views on youtube easily. Reply your comments on this.

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